Friday, 31 August 2007

Such Cruelty

I knew my boss had a mean streak but I never thought he would go this far. He went away again this week so I decided to rescue the poor Monchichi from hanging from it's neck by a streamer noose, only to walk into the office today to find it all bloodied and tied up. The skewers from the lions and birds going up into its clothes; it's hands and feet bound and once again hanging upside down.

It is time we make a stand and stick up for those less fortunate than us. We must stick up for the rights of those who are teased because they happen to be cuter and sweeter than someone else. It is because of this type of injustice that the world is the way it is. We need to fight for equality and freedom in the name of those who can not speak their own names! Who is with me???

Okay maybe that was a little too much but hey, look at what I have to put up with!

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