Monday, 27 August 2007

Cocktail Party

Saturday afternoon I got busy taking up the pants that I was going to wear to the cocktail party. These are no ordinary pants, thy are double layered organza type fabric with a split half way up the calf on the outside of each leg. They then have the addition of two flappy bits of fabric (sounds weird but looks nice). Anyway it got to 5:30 and I was still finishing them off only to find that I didn't unpick high enough for the dangly bits not to swish all over the floor. So I tied the two pieces in a double knot and that was enough to keep it off the floor. My top that I bought was a very sparkly black.

I managed to get to the cocktail bar (the Red Herring) in Freo about 20 minutes late which was good because people were still arriving but there were enough there to mingle with. I walked in behind the band members who happened to be in torn jeans, shirts hanging out and baseball caps on (except for one really messy Afro). At first I thought I was in the wrong place and then I saw it ... a sight to behold ... one of my team members dressed in a white suit with a black top. He stood out like a saw thumb. The first thing he said to me was "I love your top!"

Half an hour later he come up to me again (a little more happy) flashes open his bright white jacket and says "look we match, my shirt is black with silver stripes!" For the next few hours he kept finding me and telling me how much he liked my top. After the 10th time I lost count and I am also surprised there is any glitter left on the right arm because he kept feeling the fabric there.

Now this guy has suddenly found himself a bachelor after breaking up with his girlfriend of quite a few years. It is no secret that he is on the prowl and has chatted up many of the young beautiful girls in the office. However throughout the course of the night his attention seemed to change from one gender to another to the point where (and I am sure the white suit had something to do with it) people were coming to me asking which side he was batting for! He even told me at one stage someone came straight up and asked him if he was gay.

He was certainly the entertainment for the night. My boss said he made Miami Vice come to mind, but then a disco song came on and he started doing disco so he got called John Travolta.

Anyway I had a great time and this morning when I walked in he said to me "I really liked your top on Saturday night, but I think I may have told you that once already!" To which I laughed and replied "more than 10 times." Then later in the after, in the middle of assisting him with something he said "I can't believe we matched on Saturday, who would have thought!" I didn't say this but I was thinking: "I was in all black with an extremely glittery top on and you were in a white suit, white shoes, and a black top with faint sliver thread depicting stripes - we didn't match."

I later found out that he also liked a fake fur jacket one of the girls had. Apparently he looked like a pimp when he had it on. I am starting to worry about this guy and what being a bachelor is doing to him. No-one really knows which team he is batting for (appears to be both) and he has suddenly taken a liking to women's clothing. Maybe I should point out that the Red Cross is having a Cross Dress fundraising day. He might be interested. :)


ruth said...

Perhaps this is the reason he finds himself suddenly single?

I want pictures of the outfit :)

Sam said...

I want pictures too!