Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Road Rage

The other day I was almost a victim of road rage. I thank God that I was on the freeway and the guy didn't get out of his car. The incident happened when the car in front of me stopped suddenly. I had time to stop but it was also a sudden stop. The guy behind me was in a Ute and driving too close. I was sure he was going to hit me but he managed to stop within an inch of my car. He was so mad I could see him swearing at me as I looked in my rear view mirror. The next thing I know he is punching the windshield of his car. Now I have had friends tell me how hard it is to break a windshield but one punch from this guy and a lovely web of glass cracks spread across a good third of his windshield. If he wasn't angry before he sure was now.

I made sure I went behind him after that and I watched as he weaved in and out of traffic in areas that his Ute would barely fit. What a moron.


Doniamarie said...

Ugh. People are crazy! Some guy was tailgating me yesterday. He'd put on his blinker and get within an inch of my bumper at a light. Then he'd go straight to follow me. Behind me he was weaving as he followed me, as if trying to get around me. I was actually scared. When he finally turned off, I noticed he was on his cell phone and he was middle-aged. Probably some business man who thinks he's all that. Very rude!

BealcA's Pad said...

I am glad that you are ok. Please be careful, there were so many out there that are unstable anymore.