Monday, 6 July 2009

Facebook Addict

I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged. I thought it was only a month not almost 2. I blame facebook. I have become addicted. I need to go to a facebook anonymous group. Seriously I find myself wondering if my virtual farm crops are ready for harvesting, will I be able to get butter for my virtual restaurant and how can I not go visit my pet in Pet Society. She is sooo cute. I mean just look at those eyes.
You would think I would stop at one Facebook sign on but no, I had to go create one for my mother (aka me because she would never use it). By doing this I could create another restaurant that would therefore generate more ingredient variety for me and I could create another gorgeous little pet. I mean really how can you not visit something this cute every day. I feel guilty if I don't.
On another note I have taken my first stampin up party which went well despite half the people not turning up and not phoning to say they weren't coming. I have also had a sneak peak at the new mini catalogue coming out next month. It has some lovely stamps and papers in it.
Two weeks ago Ruth and here family flew out from South Africa for the first time since their daughter (and my honourary niece) came out for a visit. They were only in WA for a week but I got to spend a good 24 hours with them. My niece is sooooo cute. She is such a little sweetie. She fell in love with Bo and kept wanting dry crackers so she could feed her. Bo didn't mind one bit. I will post photo's later as I am currently at work.
Ruth and I sat down to a bit of scrapbooking and if I remember I will take photo's of what we did this evening and post them as well. They will be back this way next Sunday but only for a few short hours as they stop over before flying back to South Africa. I will have my camera primed and ready to go so I hope little miss won't be too sleeping from her flight from Brisbane.
SuLea and I have been having fun. I took Bo over to meet her one day and a week later she had bought a gorgeous little puppy. I went to visit her for some crafty fun on the weekend and he suddenly took a liking to my leg (if you get my drift). Probably because I have female dogs.
Anyway besides the puppy Sulea taught me some new tricks which I had a ball doing. Again photos to come later.
I will endeavour to keep up with the blog. I am wanting to make it more of a craft blog eventually or start another one specifically on my craft and techniques I have learnt. Stay tuned.


Chocolate Cat said...

Please don't abandon us completely for Facebook!! I have so far resisted the urge but those pets are SO cute!!

BealcA's Pad said...

Hi, Kerin. I know that I could get bogged down on there, but being at Mary's with so many things to get done and also update this computer while I am here, I haven't had time to work on Facebook.

Take care

Love to U and Mum