Monday, 6 July 2009

Gorgeous Girl

As promised here are the photos of Ruth's Gorgeous Girl and Bo.

Eyeing off GGs food while dad has gone to get her

GG got the food in the end...

... but Bo stayed close

Eventually GG realised there was a dog under her chair.

Time for petting came after lunch

GG knew who to give her crust to.
This is how you shove it down a dogs throat ...

... and this is the nice patient way to wait until the dog has finished it's last piece and let her take the next offering from you in her own time.

After nap time came snack time ... purely and simply for the dog. No cracker made it to GGs mouth I think.


Chocolate Cat said...

These are VERY cute photos!!

Ruth's Place said...

I want prints!!! I didn't see the last 2 when I was at your place.