Saturday, 25 July 2009

Album Pages

I promised that I would post the finished pages of Gorgeous Girls album that Ruth and I did and here they are. I also sent Ruth home with some homework, click here to see what she did.


Davinia said...

No wonder you haven't been on your blog. You've been too busy scrapping! Great pages Kerin.

Chocolate Cat said...

These are gorgeous! Sure beats the boxes of photos I have of my kids that have never been put into albums!!

Ruth's Place said...

The kidlet loves the pages. She looks at her album at least once a day :)

BealcA's Pad said...

Kerin, these are great.

I was at a tea yesterday in our building and one of the ladies had a book that a friend of hers did, it is awesome and I thought of you.

It was done somewhat like scrapping, with beautiful plain cover that was different and the pages were like parchment with the rough torn edges. The print of the stories and quotes were of a lite red or that is what I would call it, anyway, I got some ideas floating in my head to do something like that and put momma's poetry, mine and some of the brothers and grandpa's poem into it along with some writings scattered thru it and little pages where people can add notes. Plus they she had little areas between the different works that had little slots for stick in notes and cards plus little sacks. Oh so many things. I want to borrow it to really read and see more about it. It made me so excited. I had to go on here and tell you about it.

I want during this winter when I am not able to get out as easily as I have a feeling I may need som surgery, don't know as yet, but if I do that would be a nice project for me to be doing while re-cooperating.

Take care and God bless.