Sunday, 2 August 2009

Macro fun

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new lens for my camera so that I could get up a little more close and personal with things. Today was the first day I got to have some fun with it. The sun was shining (and warm) so I took advantage of the nice weather. Below are my results. I just love the ant. If I blow it up big on my screen I can see little silver hairs glistening on the back end of him.

I currently have the house to myself and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have even managed to get into a really messy room and start cleaning it out. Sorry no photo's of that for embarrassment reasons. I can't believe I let it get that bad that is all I can say.
Well I am off to make some cards for a swap. I have made 10 and have another 15 to do. Photos soon.


Chocolate Cat said...

Those photos are amazing! Something tells me that even with a new camera mine won't look that good!!! Enjoy having the house to yourself!

Sulea said...

Lovely photos!

Ruth's Place said...

These are stunning! Please consider printing them on cards/postcards and offering them for sale.