Saturday, 8 August 2009

Who needs children ...

... when you have 3 dogs to cart around! Oh my goodness! Today was craft day at Sulea's. She loves Bo so I was going to take Bo with me to meet Sulea's new puppy, Padma. He has finished his shots and can associate with other dogs now. I had everything I needed packed up and ready to go out to the car when I saw that Rambo was not himself at all. I picked him up and he just went limp in my arms. Normally he would hold his head up or try to get down but not this morning. Considering his age and medical condition he had me worried.

Here was my thought process. Bo needed to come if any dog was going because she is the friendliest and most likely to get on with Padma (didn't want is first encounter of his own kind to be not so nice). I didn't want to leave Rambo behind but I couldn't take 2 of them and leave Tess. Thanks to the lovely Sulea I was able to take all three. By the time I got 3 beds, 3 dogs, a water bowl, craft stuff and a small heater in the car I felt like I had packed up for a camping trip.

On arrival at the camping site (Sulea's) Rambo was immediately put inside on the bed where he happily stayed. Once every thing else was in, Tess and Bo were introduced to Padma. I don't have many photo's because Tess and Bo were trying to hide behind me as this little bundle of energy, all excited for company, bounced around trying to get them to play. Sulea got some so I will wait and see how they turned out. At one stage I sat down and Bo manage to get onto me and leveraged herself onto my shoulder with her bum in my face almost.

After a while he left Bo alone but he kept chasing Tess. They would go round and round in circles (usually with me in the middle). We eventually locked Padma away in his little home so Bo and Tess could get some piece.

This is Padma the innocent, hyperactive, will chase anything that runs, dog. I am lucky I got these because he is so fast.

This was a good shot until Padma moved. Both Tess and Bo were watching Padma through the door and in turn Padma was sprawled out on the floor in front of the doggy door so they wouldn't get in.

This is Bo at the start of the day. She would run from me to Sulea in the hopes someone would get her high enough to get away from Padma.

Of course once everything seemed to have settled down Steve came home and disrupted the peace. Rambo barked (yes he was much more his usual self by then) only because Steve was a new person to the house and because he is not used to men. Tess barked and growled and circled and barked some more and then growled any time Steve dared to move. Bo just barked because every one else was and lapped up the attention Steve gave her.

This was my queue to pack up. About 30 minutes later stamps, papers, punches, camera, wood burner, ink pads, pendants and numerous other craft items plus the dogs and their stuff were once again loaded into the car. I think I now have an idea what my friends with babies go through every day they go out!

Oh yes some card making did occur and I tried my hand at some wood burning as well. That is a lot of fun. I did make 4 cards but none are really finished (hence no photo's) as I am waiting for an order to come through with items I need to finish them off.

And so ends another blog of this frazzled mother of three. May they let me sleep in tomorrow.


Sulea said...

hehehe that was fun to read

Chocolate Cat said...

I'm surprised you got anything done with 4 cute furry friends to distract you!! Sounds like a really fun day.