Monday, 17 August 2009

Cupcake Day & Sam the Koala

Yummy yummy yummy I've got cupcake in my tummy and I feel like going back for more.

Wow you should see all the cupcakes that have been made. People have really gone way out for today. There are some really tiny ones (which I took because I am being good but till enjoying) and they were a lovely surprise ... cheesecake cupcakes. Mmm Mmm. Am I making you feel hungry yet. I wish I had a photo. There are coconut ones, chocolate ones, normal vanilla ones with awesome icing and sprinkles on top, there's blue ones, pink ones, fruit ones. The list goes on.

For cooking some I got some treats for my dogs. They are bite size and crunchy apparently. I haven't opened them yet because they are nicely wrapped in paw stamped paper and are taped up.

A big thanks to Dee for organising this. I can't wait to find out how much was raised.

On a sad note but still animal related. Earlier this year I did a series of blogs on Sam the Koala. Since the fires died down and life started returning to normal I didn't hear any more about her until a friend told me they had read an article on the web. Sam has had to be put down but not because of her fire related injuries. Click here to view the web site.

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Chocolate Cat said...

Glad you had a very successful cupcake day. We are holding ours at work tomorrow so I will be baking tonight - just one more thing to add to the list!! Very sad news about Sam, made the news here a lot in the last few weeks. Makes my 'Sam' atc from you so very much more precious.