Sunday, 9 August 2009

Furry 4 legged kids

You must consider yourselves very lucky to see some of these photos. Firstly remember that I am not a supermodel and do not like my photo being taken. Secondly it was supposed to be a day of craft fun hence the old clothes, the no makeup and the hair slapped up without a care in the world.

As promised Sulea sent her photo's to me so here they are. Like I mentioned in yesterdays blog post, Padma was so fast paced it was hard to get a photo. These photos show that.

This is me trying to get out the gate and Tess trying to escape Padma

After about 5 tries and a couple of front yard escapes I managed to get out there dog free.

Me again trying to get photos while 3 dogs run round and round me.

I thought the only logical thing for me to do was get into Padma's little enclosure. Ummm didn't quite work as Tess and Bo were determined to break in.

I gave in and sat on the ground. I thought I would hold Padma to give the others a break bu he was too much of a wriggler.

Here is Bo thinking she is safe on me. Sulea missed the should shot.

All of this in the first 5 minutes. My poor girls were puffed. It was good for them though as they need to lose a couple of pounds.

Sulea then sent these of Padma. We didn't think he would ever wear out but apparently he did after the troop left.


carmen said...

I haven't left a comment for ages. I always follow your blog. And by the way we are all Supermodels in the world of artistic greatness.
Love your puppy dogs!carmen

Sulea said...

*giggling* love reading your posts. your stories are always such fun to read.

Chocolate Cat said...

Love the photos, made me giggle again, attacked by the killer dogs - not!! more likely to kill you with love!

BealcA's Pad said...

Kerin, Oh how I wish that I could come over for a visit and forget to go home. I love the dogs, they are so precious, just like you.

Thanks and bless you.