Monday, 5 April 2010


One of these days blogger is going to surprise me and actually have my images the right way round. Oh well can't complain too much ... it is free.

Back in February my Naturopath put me on an elimination diet. I decided I was going to keep a diet diary of a different kind. By incorporating the things I love to do I will be more motivated to keep it updated. Unfortunately due to a messy studio and other things I have really only been able to start it this weekend. I have pasted the first two pages below. The dark coulourless pages symbolise my state of mind at the time. By the way I think that Iced coffee should come with an addiction warning like cigarettes. Oh and for my friends in the US, in Australia iced coffee is coffee flavoured milk. Its not like iced tea and therefore only containing ice, water and coffee like I unfortunately found out at Starbucks in Canada.

If you click onto the photos you should see them at a larger size (sometimes). This Diary will display my thoughts, my memories, how I am feeling and unfortunately my weight. I wasn't going to show it on here but I thought it might motivate others.

The Diary is up to date now but I will not bombard you with all the photos at once. If I get time I will post them throughout the week. I also managed to get to play with some plastic that I purchased. Don't ask me the name of it because I can't remember but it becomes pliable with heat. I used my heat tool but instructions say hot water will do the same. I decided to get a little creative and do some pendants. I used a dedicated macro lens so they look a lot bigger than what they are.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is some great stuff. What a way to work out and journal your food challenges.

carmen said...

How dare you already messed up that beautiful organized new studio of yours?!
And by the way you are right even harmless things can become addictive.
My drug of choice at the moment is "coconut juice". Don't ask why.