Wednesday, 19 May 2010

1000 times over

If I have said this before (raising eyebrows and heavy sigh) then I have said it more than a thousand times over. It is time to pull my finger out and get back into the diet. I kind of diverged slowly about a month ago and then suddenly last week was back into bad habits. Yes the Iced coffee is back, the odd chocolate, the skipping of meals, lack of exercise and so on.

Fortunately I have not put on any of the weight I have lost (happy dance) and I can say that when I went shopping last week I was able to buy jeans a size smaller! :) The age old question now is "why, when I was doing so well, did I go off the rails?" People who have never been fat (and by that I mean the Dr telling you your fat and not just your mirror) will have their own opinion on this. I am not sure what the issue is but tend to get bored with food and flavours. Its like clothing fashion but with food. You have eaten that for a while now so time to change. I had salads all summer time to change. Problem is that I am not much of a cook and neither is my mother (who lives with me) so we tend to have the same vegies cooked the same way every single night with a different selection of protein (grilled chicken, beef or sausages - take your pick). I find cooking a waste of time so unless it is quick and easy (stir fry) then it doesn't happen. I need a private cook. Time to buy a lotto ticket I think. So what insight have I gained from telling you this ... absolutely nothing but I am CRAVING an iced coffee.

It seems that if I am not craving it I don't want it. In fact sometimes a nice meal makes me feel ill because I really just don't feel like eating that type of food. Suggestions of how to get over this would be greatly appreciated. If there is one thing I have learnt when trying to lose weight ... if it tastes good ... spit it out!


Anonymous said...

Gosh wish I had the magic cure for you. Any way of eating can be just plain hard, I enjoy cooking, so I do not find it too bad.

I sometimes think those who give us out diet should also give us some cooking lessons to go along with it.

Crap, really wish I could type more and something that is actually helpful and coherant, but I have a clingy one right now.

Davinia said...

I have no answers for you Kerin. I'm trying to lose a few kilos myself and not having much success. It's the exercise part I hate, just can't get motivated to go for a walk. The food thing is not easy either. By the way if my DD doesn't want the necklace you've got first dibs on it.