Sunday, 16 May 2010

Million Paws Walk

Hi all,

Lots to tell. Been sooo busy in my craft shed having fun that I haven't had time to come on here and and tell you all about it. I have also been busy trying to get my Stampin' Artlore blog up and running. This is where all my Stampin' Up creations are going.

Diet wise, well I have not gone down hill just stopped for a little and I have not put on weight much to my relief. After today though I am getting back into it. Don't want to risk putting on the 6.5kg I have lost.

Today my friend Dxx and took our mothers and our dogs on the Million Paws walk. It was my first one and I really could not believe how some people dressed up their dogs. I am all for a jacket to keep them warm but skirts, dresses and capes ... no way. Some poor things even had fairy wings. There was one gorgeous dog dressed up as a construction worker, all in orange with reflective bits, had his own goggles and tool kit as well. The sizes of dog ranged from rat size to pony size. There were around 7000 altogether plus 2 camels, 2 ferrets and one rat that stayed on the shoulder of its owner. There were no cats.

Below are photos from today as well my new hair do which I got done on Thursday. Don't look too closely though because I didn't style it.

Me, Dee and the 3 dogs

Tess sporting her bandana

Nudge not believeing we were half way

Bo loving life because she gets carried when she is tired and was the attention of many cameras.

What Tess thought of Bo's sudden fan following.

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