Sunday, 23 May 2010

African Stamps

Sulea introduced me to Beeswax stamping website. They have some really great stamps. I ordered some (couldn't resist) and they arrived last week. I got them unmounted as they were cheaper and mounted them on Thursday night. One of my favourites is a lion laying down having a sleep. With my new found technique of sponging inks onto paper (ok old technique, I just haven't used it before) I decided to try and do a lovely image with the lion in the foreground, zebra running in the background, and a tree or two. The result = 2 flops, one half flop and an almost there image.

The problem is that the stamps have great detail and therefore you need to use the finer inks like versa fine. I only have black and brown and the lion would be too dark in the black but was kind of getting lost in the brown.

This image is the 4th attempt and the almost there one. I love how the tree worked out but the lion is still a little on the muted side. I probably should have done him in black ink but my first intention was middle of the day not sunrise. Notice the lack thereof of Zebra's running as well.

The zebras were on the half flop. Half a flop because they worked out really well but the rest of the image was a complete disaster. So what do you do with half a disaster, cut it up and make a card out of it.
By the way if you haven't noticed I am keeping my Stampin Up creations on a separate blog to this one. Long story but it is something to do with an electronic agreement I signed with Stampin Up. Anyway to view that blog, which has also been updated, click here or on the Stamping Artlore link under my favourite blogs list.

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