Saturday, 14 November 2015

One month Post Op

I made it.  One month post op and no complications. Just very itchy.  I wish I could say most of that itchiness was to do with healing wounds but it is not.  My body tends to react to sudden changes in weight by giving me a very itchy rash.  I remember it from when I put weight on quickly now I am losing it quickly and it has come back.  I am not being negative about it though.  To me it is a good sign as it means something is working.

I am very excited to say that I am down one size in clothing.  In fact my wardrobe is looking a bit bleak on the options but I don't want to go out and buy clothes when I may be close to the next size down. 

My weight loss is below.  I have tried to weigh myself each Saturday but I had my post op appointment on Thursday so I will include that weigh in as well.  Yes the surgeons' scales and mine are the same.
  • Week 1 - 5kg.  Apparently my stomach was only 200g so that was all me working hard.
  • Week 2 - 1kg
  • Week 3 - 1kg. If I keep going like this I will be happy
  • Week 3.5 - 3kg.  SERIOUSLY!!!!  No wonder I have gone down a size this week.  Surgeon says I will probably start to plateau now.
  • Week 4 - gained 500gr.  I had a feeling this might happen so I am not unhappy about it.  That is still a 2.5 kg weight loss for the week.
Total weight loss so far is 10.5kg in 4 weeks.  If I include the weight I lost on my own prior to surgery it comes to 14 kg for the year.

Yes I am totally fine with that.

Food wise, I found this last week the hardest.  It was the second week of mush and I was getting sick of the same thing over and over again.  Not the mush as such but the flavour.  In order to make the mush you had to have a lot of ingredients to blend and that left you with at least 3 days worth of mush in the same flavour.  I get to start on semi solids today for the next two weeks and then I can start experimenting more.  Having minced meat and bolognaise sauce tonight.  I can't wait.