Monday, 7 July 2008

More canvas fun

It seems that my life is either that boring or that busy that I barely get a chance to blog lately. I seriously need to organise myself and do what Ruth does; one craft per night. That way I will have something to blog about as well as get stuff done.

This weekend Mandy and I decided to go to one of Vivian's classes. It was a smaller group this time and equally as fun. I met a couple of new ladies which is great. I think I have become a groupie to these classes. I will be doing an Art Journal class soon which I can't wait to do. It all depends though on if there is enough interest. Anyway below is the canvas I did plus some really close up shots of the texture. She had us doing huge ones this time. I learnt a new technique and really got creating a lot of texture rather than relying on the embellishments. I think I succeeded. Of course my own paint store is a little on the minimal side so I went to the Art Shed and bought up big time (bonuses just came through).


Ruth's Place said...

It's looking great Kerin. I love seeing your work!

doniamarie said...

Wow - this is gorgeous!

Chocolate Cat said...

I have also decided to try and give Ruth's method a go! hasn't worked yet!! I am like you, busy, busy, busy.....and unfortuantly often it is the blogging and craft that suffers!