Sunday, 27 July 2008

AJ Class 2

Had the second Art Journal Class. This is really challenging me. More so than any other art I have done. I am a neat freak and perfectionist when it comes to my work. Colours need to match etc. There is a style I wish I could get into but just can't seem to manage it. I think I am going to find this class very frustrating but it will be good for me. I just hope that I have the time to play around this week before going back.

On the way to the class part of the freeway was closed. It was like peak hour at its worst. It wasn't just a lane it was a whole section. The Police diverted us off the freeway but there was nothing telling us where we could get back on or how far up it was blocked. The classes are in an area that I do not frequent so it was lucky that I turned onto all the right roads. At one stage I actually passed over the freeway and I could see all the cops and a lot of people below but I couldn't see any accident or anything so I thought maybe there was a body or something like that.

On the news tonight they showed the wreckage of a car. If it didn't have a wheel and a headlight I would have said it was just mangled metal. It was unrecognisable as a car. Apparently it had been racing another car and lost control in the wet weather. The driver is in hospital lucky to be alive (but probably wishing he wasn't) and his 16 year old girlfriend is dead. The reason why I couldn't see any of the carnage was because the car was up on the grassy side of the freeway in amongst the trees.

It is no wonder our parents cringe when we get into cars as a driver for the first time, or even in a car with a new driver. Even now we may travel along a wet freeway 10km over the speed limit thinking "she'll be right, I have control." We never think that each time we get behind that wheel we are putting our lives as well as the others around us on the line. Maybe if we thought about that each time there would be less carnage on the roads.


Ruth's Place said...

How awful Kerin. Makes you think doesn't it.

BealcA's Pad said...

Oh how tragic, I sometimes am glad that I do not drive anymore. Even in this small city, it is crazy when you get out there on the highways.

Take care, drive carefully and safely as one never knows about the one a head or even the one behind you.

Love yah & Mum