Monday, 4 August 2008

Hi Ho It's off to work we go

If only I could be that happy to get there. There is one person at work at the moment who is making my life shear hell. I won't go into detail except that she has one of these personalities that has to follow the book on everything and if you slip up for one minuscule part of a second, she will tell you about it. Thanks to her I did an extra 90 minutes at work today when the rest of the team got to leave happily on time! Stupid thing is that it really wasn't necessary. My job is not as enjoyable anymore now Mark is no longer my boss. It does have some benefits but the enjoyment is gone.

In other news the leak in our roof can not be found. We can find where it goes into the ceiling but the roof itself has no cracks. Roof restoration here we come. Oh and the hot water system died on us today as well.

On a good note I managed to get a lot more done in my Art Journal class on Sunday so I am very happy. Next week I need to try the soldering. I didn't this week because I really wanted to get more of the book completed first. Hopefully there will be photos soon.

Well that is my start to the week. I still have some work to do and then I am going to bed.


Ruth's Place said...

Ugh, sorry to hear that work is difficult for you at the moment. Is this person in a position where you have to listen to her.

Not good news about the roof or the hot water!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

It would be nice if we didn't have to work wouldn't it?? Such a shame one person can alter a working environment.Might be a good time to buy a lotto ticket!!!

Dee said...

Hi Kerin, hope todays class lowered the stress levels. I'm so glad the penny has finally dropped on how the journal all goes together. I was totally confused. Davinia