Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Art Journal

I finally took some photo's of my art journal. Because it is a work in progress you will not see all the pages. The first picture is of the cover and the binding. Vivian sells these lovely silks in her etsy store. They are so beautiful. For those of you who are knitters apparently you can knit with them as well. The book cover I chose ended up too small so I made my own cover. I used acrylic paint and twisted the brush to get the texture you see. The paint is holding the dragon fly that I have on the front.

This is a view of the pages that I created. There is a variety in here: standard paper, water colour paper, polished card, fabric, baby wipes, and paper towel.

Each page has been painted or inked. This one has also had rock salt on it to absorb the paint and make a lovely pattern. I have done a similar thing when I dappled in silk painting. The eyes in the metal are my attempt at soldering (the metal that is). I cut the eyes from a picture. I thought they were just beautiful. I have two of this picture so I can use the full image at a later date. This is the page I will attach it to. I just have to decide how.
Finally one of the pages that took me forever to do. I chose the picture and cover it with a plastic so it didn't get ruined. Then the rest of it was attached either by hand sewing or machine sewing. Vivian did something similar with an arch. I like arches but I thought I would try a circle and it worked out quite well. On the other side I have done some ribbon embroidery but that will be another photo.
Below is just some metal charm and silk ribbon fun I had. I have no idea what it means but it was fun putting it together. I actually created it to hide the metal tie offs of another charm on the other side. If you have a look back at the second photo you will see the mask charm peaking out between the pages.

We are all going to get back together on a regular basis because we all became good friends during the class. I have a feeling the plan is to create an art journal club where we can show what we are doing. Nothing decisive has been made except that we will be meeting at Carmen's house first and apparently muffins are involved (I think).

I have been playing with the transfer styles as well considering I did such a rubbish job on Sunday. My heart really wasn't in it that day. I don't know why (maybe exhaustion from the wedding was catching up to me). Anyway I have nearly perfected it. I think I will need to be one of those patient people who have to wait for the gel medium to dry before removing the paper. I have been surfing the net for stacks of images to use and have a nice little collection now. It would be nice if my printer worked properly though. How red gets into a black and white image is beyond me!


Doniamarie said...

Wow - very impressive. And it's cool you made some friends as well!

Ruth's Place said...

Wow Kerin, just awesome.

You may wish to check out this blog http://katesquilting.blogspot.com

She's a quilter, but also does Artist Trading Cards, which I think you would be awesome at, which are similar to your journal.

BealcA's Pad said...

Kerin, as usual it is beautiful, such talent. I wish you well with it all. My love to U and Mum.

Dee said...

Very nice photos Kerin, but I can testify it looks even better in real life. Your cover is awesome and you better show us your perfected technique for the transfers because I'm not having a great deal of success as yet........Davinia

Chocolate Cat said...

Your art journal is just beautiful, you should be very proud of it.