Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A Days work

Today has been one of those days where one minute everyone wants your attention and the next minute there appears to be nothing to do. Yes this is one of those quiet moments so I thought I would sign in and rave about my week.

Well my week actually started with an abusive email from a member who is currently trying to lodge a loan from Europe!!! I was accused of not being willing to help when an issue was presented on Friday. At what part of the 2 hours I spent researching the issue, and liaising with the lender (only to find out that the info that was supposedly missing was in fact due to the members eyesight) was I not being helpful. I have since had further emails from this person who refuses to accept the information I have provided direct from the lender. In all I would say it is 8 email all with an accusatory tone that I am not listening and not doing my job. Aside from forcing a major bank to change their rules just to suit one Broker there is nothing else I can do. There are many things I would like to say to this Broker but that would be unprofessional and go against my Christian morals. That said however my boss is aware of the stupidity of the broker as I have a copy of all correspondence proving that I am doing my job and that the Broker does in deed need a thick pair of classes.

Now that is off my chest I feel much better. In fact I am even smiling. I need an iced coffee!

This weekend is the last of my AJ classes (sniff). The next ones won't be until next year which is way to long to wait. I have made some good friends in this class and would love to stay in touch with them. I think I am the only one on this side of the river. I already travel around 90km round trip every Sunday for the sessions. I can't wait for Remida to move, then the sessions will be closer (yay).

Well I am now ranting for the pure fact that I am wanting to fill in time. Only 75 minutes and I am out of here, then it will be another 45 minutes and I will be in the front door of home having fun with some paint. :)

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Ruth said...

Sounds like my job at times :)