Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Wedding

It was a perfect day for a wedding. At 22 degrees C the sun was warm and bright (maybe a little too bright photo wise). The wedding party arrived in a gorgeous black and silver stretch limo. I was told by the driver that the limo was made of aluminium and therefore no one could lean on it because it might dent. You would hate to be in an accident wouldn't you!

The ceremony was at the celebrants house. I think he must of had it built with weddings in mind. Just inside the front doors is a gorgeous stair case. I ended up taking most of the photos in there because the natural light coming in was really good.

The ceremony was held outside under shade cloths. At first I thought this may be a problem with the colour of the photos but I took a few (close up and distance) and found that it worked fine. Then I changed to a zoom lens and the colour became very blue. I did not notice this until after the ceremony and was about to do family shots in the garden. At first I thought it must have been the lens but I changed back to the standard lens and took some shots in full sunlight with a fill in flash and I still have a lot of blue. All I can say is thank God for digital colour correction. Below is one of the "blue shots." Deb was determined to wear heals with her dress so that made Geof reach her shoulders. The guys organised the passing of the stool (they changed it to step to make it sound better). Geof stayed on it for the whole ceremony!

The Bride wore a lovely royal blue and her bridesmaids (sister and 3 daughters) wore a mix of colours. They all looked stunning. I haven't put photos of faces on here as I need to ask permission first. I don't think they will say no but I at least want them to see their wedding photos before the rest of the world does.

Well I must head of to my 5th and final Art Journal Class. What will I do with myself on a Sunday now?


Dee said...

Hi Kerin, our last class was good and I hope we can all get together sometime soon to share our journals again (with more stuff added). Looking forward to Viv's blog and the photos of all of us and our journals.

Ruth said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!!