Sunday, 24 August 2008

Noises in the Night

It was around 1:30 am this morning that the neighbours house alarm went off. This house alarm is not your usual monotone alarm. It changes every few seconds to something different. Sometimes it goes off during the day when she is not there so we have a key to the house and the code to turn it off.

She was home last night and I knew that she didn't sleep well and often took a sleeping tablet. We waited a couple of minutes hoping she would turn it off. She is mums age so I started to get a little worried that something may have happened to her. I got up and heard mum at the front door at the same time. We stood looking at the house and could not see any lights on in her bedroom. What I could not believe is that even though this neighbour is well known to everyone in the street and liked by them, mum and I were the only ones who got up in the cold to go check on her. We were hesitant in case there was an intruder but I kept praying as we crossed the road that all would be ok.

The alarm is right outside her bedroom window and it was very loud. So loud that it should have woken her even if she had taken a sleeping pill. Mum banged on the window and called out to her. We heard the dog bark from somewhere inside. That relieved me a little as I figure if there was an intruder the dog would be barking continually.

She got to the door fairly quickly and opened it saying, "is that my alarm going off!" Apparently she hadn't set the alarm so thought it was another neighbours going off and lay in bed cursing them for not turning it off! She is such a character. There we were standing in her doorway in the middle of a winters night in our PJs talking about how loud the alarm was and that she couldn't believe it was actually hers.

Such is life in our quiet little neighbourhood.


Ruth said...

Poor thing! Did you take your mobile with you to call 000 just in case?

Chocolate Cat said...

How lucky she is to have such caring neighbors. Glad nothing 'terrible' had happened!