Sunday, 24 August 2008

William the Wombat

Today has been one of those days where interesting little things have happened (hence the 2 blog entries). After the noise in the wee hours of the morning our neighbour came over with some freshly made chocolate muffins for us. Apparently her alarm is somehow connected to her sons mobile so she phoned him this morning and asked if his phone had rung in the night. He said it had rung 3 times. She asked, "why didn't you do something, I could have been strangled!" He replied that he knew she was okay (probably because it goes off so darn often).

This afternoon Jackie and Korina came around and we took a little trip out to Scraptivate. Prior to that we had to photograph William. William is a Wombat that Korina's teacher thought up and he has been travelling to try and locate his parents. He has a school uniform on and has a backpack that is full of things from his adventures. He even got a seat in business class on a flight to New Zealand (one of the stewardesses was an ex student) where he was picked up by another teacher. All the kids there got to take him home and he has an album full of photos to remember his holiday. Anyway he is home in WA again and it is Korina's turn to have him for the weekend. She is taking all the photo's herself and really having fun. She has him at the table eating taco's and going down a slide.

Just before they turned up here I remembered that I had a toy wombat I picked up in Tassie years ago. So when they arrived William got to meet his long lost cousin Wally. We went down to a bushy area and took some photo's of the reunion:

This is William nice and snug in his seat belt
This is William and Wally catching up.

This is the gang heading back to the car.

Wally still has not found his parents so if anyone has seen them in their travels I am sure he would like to hear about it.


Ruth said...

I still have my wombat I picked up on that trip too!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Glad Wally and William had a nice day out together!!! Great photos!