Sunday, 14 September 2008

Great Friends

Yesterday Tim and Jackie came over to fix up our non existent veggie patch and prune the apple tree. I am not a gardener so I need all the help I can get. Trust me when I say I managed to dehydrate a cactus! Not only did they do this but Jackie also made us lunch. Tim had made a lovely gluten free pastie that was just delish.

While they were working hard and enjoying the fresh air I was inside doing some art. Eventually Jackie came in and we started working on Karina's disco birthday invites. Sorry, no photo but I will try and get one. I liked the design that we came up with.

Speaking of design it is about time that I mention I am officially on a team of designers for the How Dare You blog. I have put a link to it in my favourite blog sites. Each month we will get a dare and then we have to create something for the dare. This months one is glue which is a nice easy one to start with. The possibilities are endless. Speaking of which I have a few things that I must get done so I will sign off now.

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Ruth's Place said...

Nice to have friends like that!! I'm hanging out to see your stuff from the how dare you blog.

Sorry I've been so quiet recently - the flu and writing off the car when a truck hit me kind of knocked me for 6. We are fine, no injuries, just car shopping now...