Monday, 22 September 2008

Science Fiction/Fantasy

For those of you who don't know me well, I LOVE Sci Fi and Fantasy. It has to be good though and have a great story line and if it is a show or movie then it better have great special effects. Why am I mentioning this you ask? Growing up in Tasmania (for my primary school years) we only had two TV stations: 9 and ABC (great selection of shows). Dr Who was about the only Sci Fi on and it hooked me in. Sarah Jane was my all time favourite companion. In the late 80's the show sort of went ... I don't know ... too 80'ish I suppose and I lost interest.

Well thy have brought it back again. The 9th Doctor didn't really appeal to me much and then I happened to see one show of the 10th Doctor: David Tennant is brilliant. He captures the Doctor perfectly and has brought to light more sides of the Doctor emotionally. Season 2 of the new Doctor Who was OK (even with David). Season 3 was good but it was very dark. Season 4 (which plays the final next Sunday) is brilliant. Katherine Tate (a comedian) as Donna Noble is the perfect side kick to the Dr and the writers have written her parts well. She brings a mix of humour and seriousness to the show that really balances it out and makes an enjoyable evenings entertainment. Katherine is an admin temp who is constantly being belittle by her mother and yet she is stubborn and self sufficient. Watching her grow over the last season has been great but very disappointing to know she will be leaving in the final show. It has been the best season of Dr Who ever and I am not sure how they will top it next year. What is even better is that they have returned Sarah Jane for the final two shows, mixed in a bit of Torchwood and also included two other companions: Rose and Martha. The show ended last night on a cliff hanger and even though I have stupidly read the spoilers on the net I am still looking forward to next Sunday. Bring it on!

Sci Fi Fan signing off and returning to the world of reality.


Ruth's Place said...

Nothing like Dr Who!! I've been enjoying that too.

BealcA's Pad said...

Well, since I do not have a tele I don't watch it anymore. Used to though. I thought that it was a little hard to follow sometimes.

I guess that I am tooooooooooooo old to enjoy that now.

have a great day, am still waiting. . . .

Chocolate Cat said...

As a kid I loved Dr Who (and Catweazle!) too but haven't got into it as an adult - my tv viewing is much trashier!!My niece in England who is 9 loves it though!! Hope you enjoyed the final episode last night.