Wednesday, 10 September 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

This is my all time favourite shows. Especially the American one. I hate to say it but the Aussie one was mediocre in comparison and I hope that it will get better. I have a feeling it is because of the style of dance and quality of the choreographers. The only good choreographer was Jason Gilkinson who was invited to do some choreography for Season 4 in the US and did some of the more memorable dances. The whole Aussie show left me feel wanting for some good quality choreographers and I would have loved to have seen out dancers try out a Mia Michaels type of dance. Heck we even had some weird combinations and the majority of them were street dancing.

I must say that Jason is a Perth boy and there are heaps of his dance schools and clubs around the place so when I want to get back into some Latin Dancing again I can go there. There is nothing more thrilling than doing a fast jive with a man that knows how to dance and lead.

Well I must sign off now. I have another full day of training tomorrow and today exhausted me (3 out of 7 turned up)!

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Edleen said...

hi Kerin!

i love watching the show too but i think we're often a season behind :( we only get the US show and Singapore tried to have a dance competition like that but really... can never compare to the talented dancers there!

and i see you have a goal weight and guess what? after 4 kids, i'm in need of some weight loss too ;) i've 5kgs to lose...very hard!!!

anyway, glad to be on the same How Dare You Team! :)