Monday, 18 May 2009

Email Woopsie

Last week I was sure the God of Chocolate was out to get me for no longer adhearing to his demands. You see I found a mint in the vending machine at work that was very like an after dinner mint. It has the smallest amount of chocolate and a lovely gooey minty centre. The best thing is that fat and calorie wise it fitted my diet perfectly.

So it was that on Tuesday last week I put my money in the machine and it promptly ate it. It didn't even try to move the packet along. No it stood there and gloated in it's mechanical stubbornness to provide me with my much needed sweet fix. Kicking it was useless because there was nothing to budge.

Back to my desk I trudged, most unhappy I was now coinless and mintless. I typed reception in the email TO box and it automatically populated the address for me. I promptly wrote that 'the nasty vending machine ate my money and didn't give me my chocolate. I really need my chocolate.' I even included an unhappy face for emphasis.

It was about half an hour later that I received and email back: "I am not sure what you want me to do about your money but I could possibly drop a chocolate into the office in the next day or so. Graeme would like to know if it was a Twix you were trying to get. Apparently there is a Sienfeld show where George is obsessed with trying to get his Twix out of the vending machine. Yours sincerely, Maryanne."

Yes when I typed in reception the inevitable happened ... it went to the reception email of one of our members instead of the reception in our building. Luckily for me I know these members quite well. To make matters worse, at the bottom of the email was Maryanne's photograph with this huge grin. It was her standard signature at the bottom of her emails however this time I knew it was laughing at me.

To cut the story short I phone them and we had a good laugh about it. This morning however I got handed a package. I never get mail at work so this was an unusual occurrence. By now you have most likely guessed that Graeme had sent me a chocolate. I was half expecting it to be a Twix but it was a boost, and equally as yummy (but sooo against my diet).

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Chocolate Cat said...

Thank you for my morning giggle!!!