Sunday, 17 May 2009

Meet Bo

It is official. We have a new family member. Her name is Bo (after Bo Derek apparently) and she is an 8 year old Pomeranian. Her previous owner had three of them and needed to re-home one. The only thing preventing us was Tessa's reaction so we arranged to meet on neutral ground. It kinda sounds like the American Civil War really North vs South. In this case it was South meets North and I think South won this one.

Anyway back to the story. Tess was her usual wimpy self. Not only was there another dog but there were children and people she didn't know. There was also a big wide park at our disposal and all we did was sit on a chair. A long car drive with the lead always means a walk not a sit.

Mum fell immediately in love so there was no question of whether or not we were going to take her. Tess will have her nose out of joint for a little while but she will get over it.

Below are a couple of photo's with mum on her first evening with us. She is normally an outdoor dog but she has very quickly accustomed to the hardships of an inside dog. She loves sitting happily on your lap and is very friendly. As for sleeping arrangements mum decided that two dogs in my room was enough so Bo sleeps in with her.

Today we left all the dogs by themselves. When we came home both Bo and Tess were so excited to see us that they seemed to forget that there was some hidden competition between them (which Bo is ignoring and I think that frustrates the hell out of Tess). Rambo couldn't care less.

Tonight mum was reading the newspaper when Bo promptly plonked herself on top of it:

"What do you mean, It's your newspaper?"

"what did you push me off for? I was comfy."

"Give it a minute or two and I will try again."

MUM: "Look this is my paper."
BO: "We need to talk. This house is not big enough for the 5 of us. I only counted 4 bedrooms ...."

"... now see this house here, I think that would be perfect."

"Darn it, I got downsized."


Chocolate Cat said...

Bo is SO cute!!! Think he will settle in very well, what dog would pass up the creature comforts of living inside!!! Love all your photos especially the one of your Mum and Bo - gorgeous!

Ruth's Place said...

He is adorable. Your mum is looking great!