Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Feeding Frenzy

Each night Rambo has to have tablets. He hates them so we give him a treat. Tess has always thought it unfair that he gets the tablets and a treat (she'll eat anything) so she gets a treat at least. Now we add Bo to the mix. Tonight she tried opening the treat bag while mum was dishing out tablets. It was so funny. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of that. The below shots are of the feeding frenzy.

Bo with her treat.

Tess and Rambo waiting rather patiently for theirs

All waiting patiently, hoping in anticipation the next treat comes to them.
This one is for Tess but Bo thinks it's for her.

Lucky last to the old man of the house.

One more thing to clarify. A couple of you have referred to Bo as a he. Bo is in fact a gorgeous little she. :)

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Chocolate Cat said...

More gorgeous photos of your furry family!! They are just like children, hate to miss out!!