Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Melbourne - Last Days Part 2

Yay, the last of my Melbourne photos and then I can get on and tell you all about the craft I have been up to.

Obviously this is continued on from yesterday, and the photos of Werribee Mansion are technically from the beginning of the day rather than the end (don't ask, it makes sense to me).

As you walk in the front gates this is the sign you see. At that point, all you can see are trees lining the drive an not much free land that you can sit on without sitting under a tree. Gave me giggle.

This just shows you the view along the drive, hence my point about the trees.

Only a small portion of the mansion

This was my favourite room. It was also the ladies room. The colour was so bright and cheerful compared to the gloomy dark rooms for the men that had stuffed animals they had hunted everywhere.

This beautiful creature is Ruby. her fur is so soft and silky. I would have hugged her all day if she let me, but she's a cat ... need I say more.

This is George and he has the most gorgeous green eyes

And here is little Sammy

Lets just chew on Aunty Kerin's camera strap!

My cousin has her hands full if this is his reaction after I take the strap out of his mouth. And he's only 4 months here!!!!

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