Monday, 20 June 2011

Melbourne/Warrnambool Days 6-8

This post is mainly about photo's. Nicole was a great tour guide for the 3 days I was there and I had a blast. Though at times she must have thought I was a real strange one with some of the things I photographed. One of which is a circle of rocks at Port Pirie. The photo's don't do it justice.

DAY 6 - Port Pirie
This is a lovely place with a beautiful inlet that is protected from the ocean. We didn't get all the way around the inlet but what we saw was lovely. The water was crystal clear. For lunch, we found a lovely cafe where I had the yummiest irish lamb stew, and not far down the road there was a real old fashioned lollie shop. Cursing myself I didn't get photo's now. Eveything was in jars and stacked around the shop. It was great.

This ship is docked at the warf. It looks a bit stubby.

My circle of rocks with it's clear water. Not sure if it is a natural or a manmade structure but it was pretty non the less.

Saw this in the water. I played with photo shop to get it this clear. Compared to the original photo you wouldn't thinkg it was the same one.

We had to get back early to watch one of her daughters run in their first cross country race. We reminiced about ours and how much we hated them. I did take photos but have chosen not to put them on here as I am not sure if Nicole would like her children to be shown on the web for all to see.

That evening I sat down with the two girls and we made a robot out of toilet rolls. This is the robot. Each girl had a go at colouring in different areas. I think it's just perfect.
DAY 7 - Ocean Reef Road
If there is one thing we learnt about country Victoria in the off season, not all the shops are open on certain days. Today was one of those days. It was a good thing really considering all the natural beauty we took in. I had to warn Nicole that if we had to get home by a certain time then I needed time limits at each spot, otherwise I would just photograph the same place all day.

Not sure what this place was called, but it was my favourite

Bay of Islands

Port Campbell - OMG do I love watching the waves. I could have stayed here all day.

The 12 Apostles (though I think there are only 6-7 left)

Me and Nicole

DAY 8 - Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museaum

This was my last day so we stayed around Warrnambool. Nicole took me the Flagstaff Hill. It is a replica old time town.

This is Pat. She makes a lot of the costumes that the volunteers wear. Yes that is an old treddle singer sewing machine. Pat also lets you dress up and takes photos. We did that but I scanned the image to big and it won't load onto blogger.

That was my stay in Warrnambool with my dear friend Nicole. I am sure we will be friends forever. :) Time to hop on the train and head back to Melbourne.

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