Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Melbourne - last few days Part 1

I have titled this as part 1 only because my internet connection is currently rubbish and is not allowing anymore photos to upload. Technically the photos start at the last day, so tomorow you will get the photo's that actually come before these ones. If that makes sense.

After returning from Warnambool and staring the night at my cousin Tina's (on a blow up mattress that had a small hole - I awoke in the morning to find my back and bum on the floor and my feet, arms and head up in the air), I was picked up by my cousin Alida and taken to her house for the evening. That is where mum had been staying as well. We went shopping as one of the local centres had a VIP day with an extra 15% off on the already end of financial year sales. Got some nice things there. Yep, more luggage to worry about.

That evening I had to share a double bed with mum (yes a double). Between my mask deciding to whistle when air escaped it, and mum snoring like she was a horse going pfffft, not much sleep was had.

The next day we went across Melbourne to my cousin Kitty. We were staying two nights here. She has a 4 month old little boy (well he was in May anyway) who is just gorgeous.

On the Saturday, Kitty and her husband Lucas took us to Werribee Mansion. My God are those grounds huge, not to mention the Mansion itself. Being a Saturday, you could dress up in costume for free and take your own photos. There was a lady there, dressed as a maid to help you choose your costume. Unfortunately I was a little too well endowed in the chest area so I took up the position of photographer. Mum and Kitty found clothes that fitted ... well sort of. Kitty's top was huge on her.

Love this photo of mum. Both in colour and in sepia

This is the Mansion

Their first family photo


Proof I was there too.

I bought Sammy a jolly jumper - he loves it. (So did the cat while it was being set up and swinging around).Mum and Sammy

Our final days were spent with Tina and Rowan. We all came together for a family breakfast due to there being 3 birthdays amongst us in May and because we were there. :)

Little Mycah ate all of that huge breakfast

His older sister couldn't manage it.

Another family shot but not very good

My only photo with Sammy and he was grumpy.

Mark and Alida with the two kids

Graffiti in Melbourne is gorgeous. If only people in Perth could do this. Saw this on the way back from the "Handmade Markets" (Yeah bought some more - hey I was on holidays).

This little girl is throwing cards. Literally there are cards glued to the wall and footpath. Not sure how long they will last in the rain.

Old Melbourne homes and yes I confess, I played with photoshop to bring out more autumn colours in the trees. The original photo is yellow and green leaves still.

Mum helping Tina and Rowan lower the airmatress. Can't believe it is the only photo I have of the two of them and it's blurred. Note to self ... never give Rowan too much chocolate unless I am prepared to put up with the consequences of a sugar high. He is funny!

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