Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Away and Home

At the end of June I flew to Tasmania to surprise my father for his birthday.  My Aunt collected me from the airport and took me back to her place where I would be staying.  She had told dad she needed him to take her somewhere, so when he turned up I stuck my head around the corner and said hello.

This is what I think he was thinking while he was talking:
Dad: Hello there - I know the face
Dad: Good to see you again - I know I know this person.
Dad: How you been? - for the life of me I still can't think who this person is.
Aunt: It's Kerin, your daughter!
Dad: I know that! - Hmm did I say anything to make them realise I didn't?

Granted I am wider, I have had my hair chopped really short (he is used to it long), and he was looking into the sun.  However I still had to ask for a hug and it took us a while to convince him he didn't have to take my Aunt anywhere.

The next 7 days was full of family drama (as all families have) as well as some great time travelling around Tassie.   As much as my Aunt would hate me to admit it, I am glad to be home.  Tassie has all the lovely forrest and snow but Western Australia has always felt more like home to me.

I will be putting photographs on here shortly as soon as I finish sorting them.

Since my last blog post I have:
  • won a jelly roll of the Birds and Berries fabric from the Fabric Patch.
  • Stitched the jelly roll into a quilt.  Photos to come.  Still waiting for batting and backing fabric to finish it.
  • Bought some books on modelling with polymer clay.  Can't wait to start and have a play.
  • Made some items for my Aunt for her birthday but never got a photo because mum posted it off before I could.
  • Got my hair cut short - too short.  Not sure I like it. 
  • and finally, I have got the pattern for the outfit I want to make for the Blythe doll I have altered.  Here's hoping I can do it.  I just need to get the fabric first.
Oh I came to work today without my shoes.  It is all Corinne's fault.  You see, we decided we would go walking at lunch time.  I put on my sneakers to wear to work and put my shoes in a bag.  As I was about to leave, I noticed Corinne's birthday pressie sitting on the table that I was yet to give her.  I went hunting for another bag to put the pressie in.  I then donned my scarf and jacket, grabbed my keys, put on my gloves, picked up my handbag and went to work.  Shoes and pressie still on the chair.

How is this Corinne's fault you ask.  Well it all started because she was born.  If it was not her birthday, there would not have been a gift sitting on the table waiting for her and I would have walked out with shoes in hand.  Secondly, it was her idea to go walking.  If I wasn't going walking I would not have worn my sneakers. There it's all her fault. 

Yes I am kidding myself! Love you Corrine.

 Found this on facebook.  Thought it was great!

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ruthsplace said...

Oh, congrats on the win. Can't wait to see the quilt you made with it.I'd also love to see your new hair cut.

Pictures please