Monday, 23 July 2012

Janelle's Giveaways

Janelle is certainlly outdoing herself with all her freebies.  Giveaway number 8 revolves around Etzcetera Magazine and a club that is run from it.  It sounds like a great gift.  It is run by Kim Archer and is worth $99.  Janelle as done all the hard work and put all the links to Kims blog, magazine, etc so go to Janelle's blog and have a look for yourself.  I have purchased a copy of the latest magazine and it is full of so much information from paper craft to sewing to cooking.

Giveaway number 9 has got to be one of my favourites so far so it is only out of the goodness of my heart that I am providing the link to make life easier for you.  Considering that so far this is the one I want to win.  :)  I love Janelles designs.  They are so me.

I would put some photos on here of her work but I have realised that I now have to pay Picasa to allow more to be shown.  Grrrr.  I am in the process of deciding if I should pay the small amount per month that will give me so much storage I won't know what to do with it, or do I change blogs and start fresh elsewhere.  Many of my friends use wordpress but I found it confusing at first so I am not sure I want to go back there.  Better the devil you know kinda of thing.

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