Sunday, 29 July 2012


Before I give you my good news, I think you had better sit down.  I don't want you to fall over and hurt yourself.  You may also want to make sure that someone is present in the room with you, phone in hand ready to call your emergency hot line in case you have a heart attack.

Are you ready?

Seriously make sure you have taken life saving precautions!

Ok here goes ...

For a few years now I have had an Etsy store that is full of nothing.  Nothing unfortunately is not a good product to sell and therefore was not going so well.  I blame the economic downturn personally.  Well guess what ...


Are you ok?  Is there a need for an ambulance?  Do you need ice?  Would a paper bag help?  I know shocking isn't it.

On the right hand side of my screen is a link to my store.  It is called Art Lore. Now my aim is to keep it stocked.

I am so happy.  I finally accomplished something.  Big grin and happy dance all round.

Now onto my second finally.  Yes there are two.  I have finally uploaded my Liffy Falls photos.  Yes this is only the first photographic day of my week in Tassie, and there are still more to come for the first day.  This selection is images taken on the way there and once I got there.

On the way to Liffy Falls
 Apparently while I took this photo below, all three of the sheep in the above photo stopped and looked at me.  They got camera shy when I went to take their photo again.
 Loving the colours
We parked in the top car park at Liffy Falls.  This little bird, and I mean little, was flittering all over the place.  By the time my camera would focus he was somewhere else.  I am lucky I got what I did.  The first one is a little blurred but the second one is a perfect in focus shot of his butt.

 The walk down to Liffy Falls from the Top Car Park is a 20 minute round trip.  That is unless you are a mad keen photographer like me who is also majorly unfit.  The way down was fine, it was the way up that killed me.

 The walk down to the main falls is scattered with smaller ones that are just as beautiful in their own right.

 You will notice that some of the photos are of the same area but a slightly different view such as these two below.

Ok this is me being bad.  I have waited all my life to go to Liffy Falls (lived in Tassie 11 years and never once went) only to get there to find that the main viewing platform was under repair.  No I did not push the orange plastic out of the way.  It was like that when I got there.  I appraised the situation and deemed the platform safe (it was obviously the newer one), so a snuck on to get my photos.  I did not know my cheaky Aunt was taking photos of her naughty niece!
 It was worth the risk.  This is my photo of Liffy Falls.  It is a beautiful place.
 These following photos are also taken at the bottom of the falls.

 The rest of the photo's were taken on the way back to the carpark.

These are the Liffy Fall photos from one camera.  My other camera has a proper macro so I took macro shots on it.  I still have to fix them up to put on here.

I am thinking of putting some of my photos for sale on my etsy store.  What do you think?


ruthsplace said...

Yay for a stocked etsy store! Off to check it out.

The photos are amazing.

I totally think that the photos would sell, but I'd convert them into cards. There are companies that will print the cards cheaply for you. I have a friend who sells her photo cards.

BealcA's Pad said...




BealcA's Pad said...

Kerin, Ruth probably is right, I don't even know how to take a picture let alone sell one. You are do talented my friend. God has given you a huge blessing to use.
Love U.