Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Catch Up

It has been a while but hopefully I am back. Work has been so hectic lately that I have barely had time to breath. In fact today a client ticked me off so much I was shaking at the end of it. Even one of my colleagues said she had never seen me so rattled. In fact I was so rattled I needed to go somewhere and calm down. Luckily it was lunch time so I hopped in my car and went to one of my favourite places that provides the means for me to relax. I went to Scraptivate! When I walked in the door I was greeted with the usual warm smiles. I said "it may shock you but I am not here to buy anything, I am here to de-stress!" Of course I spent some money $12 actually which must be a record for me. Anyway I breathed in my artistic relaxation for 15 minutes before heading back to work.

I am in the process of possibly changing careers. I have looked more into my own Internet business and the more I look into it the more viable it becomes. I can contract out to my clients as well if they need assistance with the software. Not sure when it will happen but I am hoping to be out of an office with all its politics and into my own work from home business by the end of the financial year. Fingers crossed and God willing.

In a previous post I mentioned my wonderful, wonderful Uncle and how he put a reverse cycle air-con in my studio. Below is a photo of him. I am not sure if he is taking a breather or if he is thinking about how to fix the leg on the table that broke when he fell on it. As you can see he is ok and that is the main thing. The mess on the floor is everything that fell off the table.

I have also had some more fun with creating ATCs. I love the one below but I am yet to meet someone else who likes it. I think the words rebellious and disorderly written above her head on the burnt paper is perfect. The silver paper is also burnt. It was a thick wrapping paper which when put near heat the silver side crinkled. The other goldy part is gesso with rub and buff on it. The charm has gloss accent in it and it really illuminates the colour of the rub and buff.

This next one was created at Kelsey's ATC class at Scraptivate. It is done mosaic style using embossing powder and cutting a picture. Check out her blog it is so full of creative ideas.

This one is a photo I took of Karina (I hope I spelt it correctly this time otherwise she will shoot me the next time I see her). I have used sparkling H2Os for the background, crackled the arch and in the arch I have mica flakes (love the mica). Her wings are a rub on that I painted with the H2Os and then covered with the glossy accent. I have to keep it hidden from her mother until she makes her own! :)

The technique used here is bleaching which is what I learnt in my first ATC class. The stamp is embossed in a clear powder so the dark blue you can see is the original colour of the card before I bleached the hell out of it . The orange background is actually a red piece of card that I also bleached

Finally this last one turned out much better than I thought it would. In fact it doesn't look anything like I originally planned. The photo is a picture of one of the Bollywood stars. I don't know her name but I love her eyes. This image was black and white with a hint of colour. Her hair had a tinge of auburn that I really liked. As the background progressed I thought she would disappear so I took a piercing tool and scratched away at her hair. I then used the bleach again. The colour of the hair came through as reds shading through to yellow. I did not touch up the colour on her hair. Actually this photo does not do it justice. It is one of my favourites at the moment.

Well hopefully I will have more creativity to show soon. I am making as many Christmas pressies as possible this year to save money so they may not go on the blog until after Christmas in case some cousins of mine actually do look here.
Two more days till the weekend .... YAY!!!


BealcA's Pad said...

I sort of agree with them. She looks [1st one] like the wicked witch of Endor from the bible.

Sorry, about that. That was my feeling as soon as I saw it.

Love yah

Dee said...

I know exactly how you feel. I often call into Scraptivate on a Saturday afternoon after spending the day shopping with my 90 year old mum (now that's stessful). It's a little bit of heaven and definetly a place to destress. The ATC's are gorgeous.

carmen said...

You are doing fabulous ATC's. I just love all of them. Please bring them with you on the 14th.I might see you at scraptivate If you are doing any Kelsey classes this weekend.
Watercolor and Canvas inchies.

Take care