Friday, 7 November 2008

Dare 42: String

The Aussie Dares blog has been updated so I can now show the finished product. For more information you will need to go to the Aussie Dares blog site. There are some really lovely ideas there. I love Edleen's and Michelle's layouts. Two creations that have inspired me are Sarah's and Bec's.

I can't wait to get started on some more fun. I need to tidy up a bit though - again, as per usual! I have no excuse not to go into my craft studio anymore. My wonderful, wonderful Uncle has put up a reverse cycle air conditioner so that when it is 40 degrees outside it's not 55 degrees in the shed. It was also raining the day that he did it and it meant that half his time in Perth visiting was taken up with finding, purchasing, and mounting the air-con.

This now means I need to get to work organising the shed in a way that I can also store all my mixed media stuff as well. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I currently have a stack of racks that store my papers but that takes up sooooo much room.

Anyway I promise more photos on the way of some of the things I have been working on.


Ruth's Place said...


Glad to hear about ther aircon in the craft room!

What about some sort of vertical arrangement for all the papers?

AGA said...

Wow Kerin, your string creation is simply stunning!!! The details you were able to create are amazing :0

Edleen said...

Love your string creation!!! Wow!

how's it going with your new craft area and organising? ;) maybe we can take a peek some time..hehe

have a great Tuesday!

BealcA's Pad said...

Yah, I have seen some of those pictures. I would not die for them, but it would be nice to have storage for my stuff, instead of a little living room that I try to keep down sizing to fit my computer, soaps, lotions, crafts etc. Plus have a place for my friends to sit outside of the out of doors.

I love the picture, that is on this page. It is so beautiful to me.

Doniamarie said...

Beautiful, Kerin! I love it!