Tuesday, 16 December 2008

6 Degrees of Seperation and presants

I haven't been blogging much of late due to this being the silly season I decided I would make most of my gifts this year. More on that in a momento.

Today in my lunch break I took Sulea to Scraptivate. She has only been there once before but it was a while ago I think. She actually met a couple of ladies that she knows. It was dangerous taking her there because she had money in her purse AND she spent more than me which normally is saying something but I spent under $30 today. I musn't be feeling well.

Below are a couple of photo's of the old man of the house. He sleeps most of the time now. In fact he did not even flinch when I took these photo's with a flash aiming directly at him. He has become stubborn in his old age too. He refuses to come when called because it could mean one of three things: going outside; tablets; food. He would rather the risk the fact that he may be missing out on food and deliberately ignore us now. Until of course he sees Tess going crazy with her toys running full speed back and forth through the house. This is a very good indication that food is involved.

I have also discovered this week that the CEO of the company used to be the Boss of Jackie's husband Tim. Talk about 6 degrees of seperation. I emailed the CEO today and asked him if he knew Tim and he could so I caught him up on a bit of gossip.
Ok back to the christmas pressies. In a previous blog I mentioned how I met Sulea through the Secret Santa at work. I have a close friend of hers. She sent me some photo's of my SS new puppy. Isn't it gorgeous. Anyway I printed off a close up of its face about 5 times and then created a 3D image of it. I got the words from a dog desk calendar that I have. I will be using this quote for a picture of Tess as well I think. Anyway I need to take it to work tomorrow as we open them on Thursday so I hope she likes it. I will post a couple more gifts in the next couple of days. I won't do all of them just in case my cousin in Melbourne does happen to look on here (I have no idea if he does or not). Anyway I don't want to put his up just in case. I think he will guess straight away who it is for.


Ruth's Place said...

Cute desk calendar!

Sulea said...

The doggie canvas you made is just too awesome!!! i love it and I am so sure Ivy will also. totally gorgeous! Thanks for taking me along to Scraptivate.. it was fun hehehe i told you it was a bad idea to take me there when i had money in my wallet! LOL :)