Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Part 2

Instead of loading a whole heap of photo's I decided to put them in a slide show (Below post). We had 8 kids and 8 adults for christmas all up. Of those kids 6 were boys and talk about rowdy (sweet revenge on the noisy neighbours). Ashtyn is the daughter of the cousins that have moved to Melbourne (came over for Christmas). She is a gorgeous thing and I wish I could see her more often. She is in love with my craft studio so she and Kiara came to me halfway through the day and asked if they could do some crafts. I obliged even though everything from inside the house had been thrown in the studio and I had no idea where anything was. We managed to find something and by this stage Kiara's hyperactive little brother wanted to join in. Luckily I had three chipboard stars. They chose their paper (the expensive stuff with the embossed glitter on it) and we sat on the floor for the next hour or so cutting and taping and chalking edges then putting stickers on. When it came to tying on the charms we had to cut grooves so that they didn't fall off. I handed each kid a stanley knife and instructed them to find one of the men and tell them to do some work! In the middle of all this Tayne decided he wanted to do something so luckily I had a little chipboard christmas tree. He grabbed some paint and glitter and went outside with mum to paint it. They all did a good job.

You will also notice in the photo's the state of the floor when we started to open the pressies and the state of the floor towards the end. I am surprised that the kids could even find their things. There is also a photo taken outside of the 5 women in the family. I am the fat one standing at the back but Carmen and I are going to be diet buddies when I get back from another cousins wedding in Qld.

Well the family arrived at 12pm and left 9 hours later. The dogs were locked in my room for the better part of the day because the youngest boy is dead scared of them. Eventually we let them out (poor things).

So that is another christmas done and dusted. It just seems to come around so fast. Enjoy the photo's.

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Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! Love the slide show. Your poor dogs. We had to have Jimmy tied up most of the day (we took him to Geelong with us) as the two little nephews were scared of him.