Wednesday, 24 December 2008


I have a really good digital SLR camera that I use when I take photos unless I want close ups. It is the worst camera for closeups. Mind you I have found that any SLR camera digital or not are shocking for closeups. My mothers little pocket size digital camera does much better. In fact most of the photo's I post on the are from mum's camera. At least with the SLR I can take the photo set on a high mega pixel and then crop it later and still have a good quality image. It's just more hit and miss that way.
Just thought you needed to know that thrilling bit of information on Christmas Eve and to top it off I saw this fly today stuck in an old web. I am guessing he died of shock because the spider is not around and he is not majorly tangled in the web. I just loved the colours on him. Not sure if he is a normal house hold fly as they always look black. The photos really show how hairy they are as well.
One is with a flash and one is without.

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Dee said...

Amnazing phots Kerin, which was with the flash? Enjoy the holidays.