Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Things to be thankful for

  1. friends
  2. family
  3. pets
  4. a bed to sleep in
  5. food on the table
  6. the chance to have travelled
  7. religious freedom
  8. I have a job
  9. my craft skills
  10. music
  11. computers (sometimes)
  12. a roof over my head
  13. to learn new things
  14. having a patient (though maybe a little frustrated) mother
  15. ability to do things for others to make them smile.
  16. living in a country that has no war
  17. water
  18. my niece
  19. The Sabbath
  20. weekends
  21. rain
  22. grass in my yard (in some countries grass is rarely seen in the suburbs).
  23. Forests
  24. Ocean
  25. animals
  26. laughter
  27. health
  28. ability to do normal everyday things
  29. a good sleep
  30. Email

They aren't in any particular order. The challenge now is to see if you can come up with more.

1 comment:

BealcA's Pad said...

Thankful for my enemies as it keep me humble

Thankful for software that is hard to download, makes me learn.

For a God that was willing to die in my place.

Thankful for oxygen so that I can keep living.

The mountains of Colorado, can't go up, but I can see them.

Thankful that I cannot drive anymore, or I wouldn't have gotten as acquainted with Howdy as I have.

Thankful for Mannatech products.

Thankful for a telephone

Thankful for buses.

Thankful for blogspot.com