Monday, 19 October 2009

Day 2

Life has been interesting in the last 24 hours or so. It is probably easier to put it in point form.

1. After posting yesterday Gwen and I were taken by her friend Julie to a day spa type place where we had a one hour massage for US$18. This is very expensive here. The massage was deep and when I say full body lets just say certain nether regions were gotten a little close to! My muscles were so sore and the girl went soooo deep. I felt like I had done a few rounds at the gym. I kept telling myself through clenched teeth that I would be thankful in the end. After the massage we went out for lunch. for US$7 I had a huge plate of different salads that were really yummy and some chicken. Oh we got to the spa by Tuk Tuk and went home that way. It was a great way to get around. I love it. The breeze blowing through it is better than the aircon in the car.

2. In the after the family and i headed off to the Russian markets. They have so much there and you can barely move in the place. It reminded me of the main markets I went to once in Seoul. It also reminded me of the tented tiny shops around areas of Egypt selling tourist gimmicks (of which I am well known of purchasing). It was so dark though but it was a great place. I have some photo's but until I get a card reader then I won't be able to show you until I get home. Oh and yes I did buy a couple of things yesterday.

3. This morning Gwen had to work so James took me to Healthlands where he works. They make the yummiest healthy food that I have ever tasted. Can't wait until they can export to Australia. Unfortunately I was not feeling my best this morning. I think the massage caused a lovely headache which, coupled with the potholes in the road that could swallow a car, caused me to feel a little ill. After Healthland we went to Phnom Watt which is one of the more popular temples here. There are a lot of trees and beautiful grass there so I was able to cool down and the walk did me good. We went into the temple and i was allowed to take photos. They have decked it out with neon type lights and looks nothing like what you would find in Korea. It looked very commercial actually and not a place of worship.

4. There are a lot of Monkeys around the Watt and we bought some lotus seeds for them to eat. They are fat little things and are cheeky. When one Khmer woman turned her back on the peanuts she was selling a little monkey went up and grabbed them. Also at the Watt is Sambo the last surviving royal elephant. Apparently when the Khmer Rouge took over in 1975 all the Royal Elephants were left to starve to death in the Palace grounds. Somehow Sambo survived and now takes tourists around on her back. She even wears I suppose the elephants version of flip flops. I didn't have a ride on her because I am going on one when we get to Siem Reip.

5. The rules of the road here is that there are no rules. They only need lessons for one month and then from there they are supposed to ride around (unassisted) for a short period of time before they sit an oral exam, which you can only pass if you pay, so consequently everyone is still driving around on L plates. Rear view is not used. You worry about what is in front, what is behind you is not your problem. Even walking across the road ... you can't wait for a break in the traffic you just have to step out and let your intentions known, they will just go around you and some polite ones will slow down. It is too hard to explain but driving on the wrong side of the road and going through red lights is apparently not against the law here, but more a survival skill.

4. This afternoon the rain came down so hard and flooded the back, or should I say front yard. When I have the capability to do so I will download some photos.

Well signing off now. Still have my headache, probably not drinking enough water, and Gwen is going to the supermarket so I will go with her. I have also promised her daughter I will help her make a paper doll after I finish typing and she is getting a little impatient. LOL

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