Friday, 16 October 2009

Skipping the Country

Yes that is right, I have my passport in hand (well nearby) and I will be making my way to the airport in the wee hours of tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Cambodia. I will be meeting up with an old friend (Gwen) whom I have not seen since we graduated in '95.

The dilemma lies in what to take. Firstly I have to take my Cpap Machine but do I risk packing it in my suitcase or do I take it on as cabin luggage (it has it's own bag). I normally take my camera equipment as cabin luggage but when I combined the 2 together in January I was told I had too much weight.

There is also the bum bag dilemma. From previous travels my camera bag has always given me a shoulder ache and has been a pain when climbing things. I don't want to take a back pack because Cambodia is so humid I will have enough sweat pouring off me without the added layer. So I bought myself a camera bag that wraps around your waist. My dilemma is purely vain. I am the size of a house already and add a chunky camera bum bag to the picture...! It does have shoulder straps but that is more awkward than the standard camera bag. Anyway I have bought it and I shall use it. Any photo's taken of me will not include the added baggage.

What else do I have in my suitcase? Well a seasoned traveller such as myself, knows to pack light so I have enough clothing to last me 3 days plus bathers and swimmers. I also have a lot of powder because I don't do so well in humid areas (and of course it happens to be their wet season right now - well timed). I should have 3 books in my luggage for Gwen but 2 of them have gone AWOL in the post and will arrive sometime next week. I also have treats for Gwen, Licorice allsorts and Minties. The licorice alone is adding a kilo to the mere 20kg that can go in my suitcase. Not complaining though. Means there is room for me to bring back goodies. Now do I take my own pillow ... I am so fussy with pillows.

I have to change planes in Bangkok. I am greatful I am not stopping there. Between my Doctor and my Naturopath I have 7 different tablets I am taking. I am contemplating taking one container with a mix of them but what happens if I get searched? :) Apparently Cambodia is not so strict going into the country but is very strict when leaving it. Stay tuned to the news, you might see me on there being interviewed from my prison cell. LOL

Well I am going to try and post while I am over there to keep you up to date with my trip.

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Chocolate Cat said...

Oh I am SO jealous, it sounds so much fun! Just make sure you take the bum bag off if you get any photos of yourself, otherwise remember other than your friend noone knows you there (oh and if you happen to make the news!!!). My hubby took his cpap machine in his case(in its own bag) and it survived fine, just took up lots of room!