Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Day 3

Tried to upload some photos but unfortunately the Internet connection here is only a tad faster than dial up so it's not going to happen while I am here in Cambodia.

Today Gwen and I had grand plans to go see the Palace but unfortunately it was closed (some foreign diplomat was there visiting). We will go another day. Instead we went to a lovely western style restaurant and had something for morning tea. It was nice there and her 19 month old son Beecher decided to put on a floor show and danced on the table. They were coffee tables.

Next door and upstairs to the Cafe was the old bar where journalists used to hang out in the 70's. Some of their photo's were on display so I went in and had a quick look. The one that stood out for me was taken of a soldier from behind. I assume the soldier was a Khmer fighting for his freedom. The camera focused on the gun that was slung over his back. He also had a lot of bullets slung over his shoulder and looked like he was walking through the forest. The thing that stood out amongst this image of war was the peace sign painted in white on the handle of his gun.

We actually went by Tuk Tuk which is much better than the car. I love the Tuk Tuk. Gwen had to go to work so her Tuk Tuk driver decided to hang around and wait for when we went out in the afternoon. Considering he was being paid for the day I made use of him and got him to take me around the poorer area of Phnom Penh. One road we drove down was so filthy. It was the road to the dump (Gwen will be taking me there later to give food to those who live on the dump) but we didn't go into it. I actually felt like a rich snob riding down there and seeing how the people lived. I tried not to be too obvious taking photos. Luckily for me my camera has a view screen that pops out so it really doesn't look like I am taking a photo when I am.

This afternoon Gwen and I went on a special trip for me to have a special photo taken. I won't say much because I want to wait until I download it. All I can say is I felt like I was getting makeup done for a Cirque Du Soleil show, or at least the painted lady at a circus. Fake eyelashes are not fun either. I had so much glue keeping these eyelashes on that I could barely open my eyes. I mentioned this to my mum tonight while chatting with her and she told me to suffer. I think it was because I won't tell her what the photo is.

Tomorrow Gwen's Tuk Tuk driver (Sibon or Sivon) will take me to the Killing Fields. Gwen has told me some stories already so I am preparing myself mentally for this place. The area itself has been untouched since the 70's and apparently you can see clothing and human bones in the field. She also told me of a tree where children were beaten to death. She thought it was with a stick but apparently if the child was small enough it was picked up by the legs and I won't say any more on the matter. Suffice to say tomorrow will be a soul searching day I think.

Well it is time I headed for bed as it will be a long day tomorrow and an even longer one the next day as we are all driving down to Siem Riep. The roads are much worse than here in Phnom Penh and I was nearly car sick yesterday so cross fingers I will be fine on the 7 hour trip.

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