Monday, 11 October 2010

Once Again

Here I am once again, sitting on my computer at work with no work to do. I rely on the State Offices to send work through but they were in training here last Thursday/Friday so I am hoping the work will start coming in tomorrow. Facebook can be boring at the best of times but 8 hours of it is draining.

Today I decided to bring a healthy snack to work in case I get the munchies. I brought raw cauliflower and carrot. I chewed it well but after the first couple of bites it felt as if it was stuck between my stomach and my throat. Not a nice feeling at all. First time I have felt that uncomfortable eating since the surgery. Oh well note to self is do not eat raw carrot. I am sure it was the carrot because I have had raw cauliflower before with no effect.

I am nearly finished making the rest of the give-a-way. Photos will be up tonight.

Hope your day is going faster than mine. Do you think they would mind if I fell asleep! LOL

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