Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Swagger

Train stations have all sorts of people. It is very interesting to sit back and just observe sometimes. Today I had to smile if not even stifle a laugh.

While exiting a train at Central Station, a young man, in his 20's, ensured that he pushed passed everyone to be the first out. I watched this young man from behind. He was tall, wore fashionable clothes, had a fashionable hairstyle, stood tall, and most of all he had that swagger that said "I am young, I am gorgeous, I know what I am about, treat me like a star." This swagger abruptly ended when he stepped onto the escalator and somehow managed to have his feet half on one step and half on the other. As the stairs moved up and parted, he fell backwards. The impression of cool confidence he was giving off in that swagger diminished as he stumbled backwards. Luckily people behind him could see what he had done because they actually look down to see where to step, and therefore prepared themselves for the fall. Upon reaching the top he shook himself (kinda like a dog does to rearrange it's fur) and continued swaggering confidently through the crowd.

Ok so it doesn't sound as funny as what it was to look at but I had a good chuckle.

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