Sunday, 3 October 2010

Owl Party

Today I had some friends from work come over for a Stampin Up Party ... well it didn't quite turn out like that ... There were three things organised to make but at the most only two got done. The reason would be the new Owl punch from Stampin Up. That kept them occupied for the whole afternoon. LOL

First let me show you the wonderful cake that Valen brought along for Sulea because it is her birthday tomorrow. It is a green tea cake that a friend of hers made. Apparently they do it for a living. I am not allowed cake the the band in so I watched and drooled from the sidelines.

After that Valen (below) and Sulea (who has no photo cause she hates them) just kept punching out owls. Their artwork is further on down the photo chain.

Dee was happily making the christmas card while the others did owls. Oh and cuddle all the dogs. :) This one is Padma and he belongs to Sulea.
Here are the owls. I couldn't get over how much variation came out and it was coming from Valen the most. Sulea is the arty one. It's given me lots of ideas now.


Doniamarie said...

OMG! Such cute owls! I love that punch as well! And they made such cute ones!

Ann G. said...

Gorgeous - love the owls!

Chocolate Cat said...

What an amazing cake! Did it taste as good as it looked??

Ruth's Place said...

The owls are wonderful, and that cake!!!