Friday, 22 October 2010

Out of Touch

Isn't it terrible when you get caught up in your own world that you don't notice what is going on with the friends around you! I am not just talking about the physical friends around me but also the ones I have made online and our only way of communication is online.

I have been so caught up in my art and sewing, and other things that I did not realise that someone I hold dear to my hear is now engaged. I missed that announcement on her Facebook and haven't been to her blog for quote a while now to see what she is up to. What kind of friend does that make me? I know it makes me feel like a part timer that is for sure. I could promise that this will not happen again but I don't like making promises I may not keep.

Can I blame it on getting old that my mind wanders too much and when it should be thinking about certain things at a certain opportune time it decides to think of something else. I have no control of my mind ... it thinks for itself and the body just follows along. The personality is too quiet to stand up to the mind so things that are important tend to get forgotten.

So, without promising anything, I will endeavour to do my best to keep in touch with my online friends.

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Anonymous said...

I find now that it is a real juggling game trying balance time for family, self, work, hobbies and friends. Online friendships do add another element. You are not alone with this these days.