Friday, 15 October 2010


I have no idea why but I have had a craving to do some sewing all week. I wish this day was over already so I can get home and have some fun. I have found a couple of great web sites that have given me some ideas; I want to use my Stampin' up supplies (so I ordered some more - eyes rolling). I have ordered some books: one on felt toys (in Japanese - nope can't read Japanese); a book on techniques and a book on utilising both fabric and paper in mixed media.

If I close my eyes and open them again do you think it will suddenly be 4pm and I can leave? Need some sparkly red shoes to tap the heals and repeat "I want to go home!"

If you know of any good applique/quilt blogs with tutorials I would love to know about them.

On another note I got home yesterday knowing full well Bo had been for a hair cut. She wasn't at the door to greet me (which is normal) but then I got informed she was in hiding. I went looking for her and found her sulking on mum's chair. She is no longer black, she is grey. This is because she has been shaved so close to the skin that you can see the skin. Mum said she thinks Bo is ashamed so I have been forbidden to post any photo's of her shame. She perked up when we gave her a jacket to wear.

Finally despite my excitement about getting home and having some fun with fabric, I am feeling a little down. Weight loss does this to you. You have your moments when you are high and loving life and then after a while things seem to stop and sometimes go backwards, no matter what you do. This has been me since I had my gastric band filled a couple of weeks ago. I have been exercising more, so up until today I thought my weight no budging was because of muscle creation. What happened to day you ask? My worst nightmare. Put on my jeans which have been loose for a month now and they are back to being firm fitting like they were the day I went into surgery.

I keep asking myself what I am doing wrong. Am I eating too much? Not much to do at work hasn't helped because I am a boredom eater. There is nothing here for me to eat though so I really haven't touched anything. I don't like the taste of water so I had a diet cordial that I was putting in it. I tried to go straight water this week but have craved a flavour. Any flavour so have been having weak Milo's each day. Maybe that is the issue. So frustrating.

Hopefully my thirst for sewing will satiate my desire for food.

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