Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Totally Tessa Tuesday

Not sure if my dog is interesting enough to do this every Tuesday so this could be a once a month thing.

I can't believe my precious girl will soon be 12.  If she was human I would be sending her off to high school soon, if not already.  Fortunately for me she is a fur baby and still acts like a toddler.

When I get home from work you would think she hadn't seen me for weeks.  She will jump up and down on me, and whinge and whine until I say hello.  The mere act though of petting her and saying hello is not enough.  No, she has to lick my nose.  She is not satisfied until she does that. 

For the rest of the evening she is happy to sit nearby me and let me do my thing.  At bed time though she gets all sooky and wants to snuggle up into my shoulder with her nose in my armpit.  It amazes me she can breathe.

I have her bed on top of mine but at the bottom.  While I am getting myself organised and prior to snuggle time, she hops into her bed.  I took this photo of her last week on my phone.  Anyone would think that she had run a marathon the way she is slumped here.

The flash of course disturbed her so the next photo she is giving the evil eye.  How dare you take a photo of me while I am sleeping!

Since mum was away for 8 weeks, Bo still thinks my bed is hers.  I go to bed before mum so Bo will come with me and mum will collect her later.  The problem with Bo is that as soon as she is on my bed, she curls up beside my pillow (after rubbing her face all over the sheets).  She just looks the picture of innocence.

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Caramella said...

Loved your story.